Imagine never having to feel stressed about your family's mealtimes ever again

No seperate meals for the kids and adults.
No mealtime battles over meals being refused.
No scrambling at the last minute to throw a meal together.
Just nutrient-dense, family-friendly meals that will nourish your whole family and work in with your life.

My signature 8-week Raised To Nourish program helps you go from cooking seperate meals for everyone in the family and eating your own dinner at 9pm at night...

To the organised, energised and motivated nourishment queen that you desire to be - without actually having to spend hours stuck in the kitchen.  

Here's what we cover in the eight weeks:

1 | Pantry & Fridge Essentials

13 May 2024

Know exactly which products I use and love with my family without wasting your $ on products that don't work.

2 | Building Balanced Meals

20 May 2024

Show up in motherhood in the way you desire when your body is fuelled with balanced meals for balanced moods. 

3 | Superfoods For Mothers & Babies

27 May 2024

Ever wondered which foods pack the most nutritional punch for mothers and their minis? Wonder no more!

4 | Gut Health For Mothers & Babies

3 June 2024

Chances are you've tried making sauerkraut before and it's gone mouldy. Learn how to become a Kraut Queen with me.

5 | One Nourishing Meal For All

10 June 2024

Get your evenings back so you can spend more time doing the things you love to do by making one nourishing meal for all.

6 | Successful Mealtimes With Babies & Toddlers

17 June 2024

Get the exact steps to creating hassle-free, drama-free mealtimes with your child and support their growing relationship with food.

7 | Meal Planning Foundations

24 June 2024

Uplevel your kitchen with my insider tools, tips and tricks to make meal planning an absolute breeze and something you enjoy.

8 | Five Day Family Food Flow

1 July 2024

Know the exact process I use to create five effortless days of nutrient-dense nourishing meals in minimal time for my family.

That sounds amazing, sign me up!

Take a peek inside the Raised To Nourish program guide

Each week's content is summarised all in one place to make it super easy for you.

If you're anything like the mothers I've worked with, then chances are:

  • You've put all your focus and attention on caring for baby and now they're a toddler and now, you're feeling the depleting effects of postpartum and you know you're not meeting your own needs.
  • You're still making a¬†seperate meal for the kids and one for the adults once they're asleep and you literally feel like all you do is cook and clean.
  • You¬†have¬†Milk To Meals gathering dust at the back of your kitchen cupboard which you initially bought when your baby was due to start solids because you just knew that following the generic advice (hello starting solids with baby rice cereal!) wasn‚Äôt the best start to solid foods for your family.

  • You're conscious about what ingredients you're bringing into your family's home but wish someone would just tell you which products to buy to save you time and money on wasted products.
  • You love following @jordiepieface and @sheridanjoyaustin for all of their mouthwatering real food recipes but when it comes to actually making them at home you feel like it falls into the too hard basket.
  • You have strong intuition and instincts as a mother, but sometimes you doubt them and would love permission and support to listen to them more.

If you answered 'That's me!' to any or all of the points above, then I totally get it.

You're who I once was - and who I now love working with.

Hi mama, I'm Jess Anderson. I'm a wife to an amazing builder hubby (tradie wife life!) and a mother to two incredible children. My own health journey started with chronic IBS symptoms in my early 20s. I started by stripping back my food and went on a very restrictive diet under the guise of being 'Paleo' but looking back, I can see how scared I was of food. For me, certain foods could mean flares of symptoms so I avoided these at all costs. Fast forward another ten years and ongoing healing in between, I now can see clearly the benefits of nourishing ourselves with beautifully nutrient-dense meals, but not losing sight of the balance of life on the journey. As a certified nutrition consultant for mothers and babies, one of my main roles is to connect you back with your kitchen - and your intuition.

Dr Oscar Serrallach (author of the Postnatal Depletion Cure) believes that 50% of mothers will have some degree of postnatal depletion that can affect mothers from birth until the time the child is seven years of age (but possibly even longer). 50% of mothers. 1 in 2. For seven years.
Let's change these statistics together.

Hear from some Raised To Nourish Mothers:

Kind words from beautiful past clients who have walked through this program with me.

"We absolutely loved Raised to Nourish. It’s more than just a course, it’s a caring community filled with knowledge and ongoing support. By working through Raised to Nourish we have adjusted our mindset around how our family eats and how we introduced solids to our daughter. We now place an importance on the nutritional return from food over eating for the sake of eating."
"Jess, I think the program was just awesome. I believe I am stronger now, I have put some boundaries in place and of course eating nourishing foods from your amazing advice. I love how you paced it slowly so that it didn't feel too overwhelming."
"Being in the programme and part of the community really gave me the kickstart, confidence, and inspiration I needed to get me back in the flow and get me fermenting, one of the other key things I had been wanting to get started!"
"I was feeling a lack of inspiration, and feeling the daily grind around meal times. I knew what I needed to do and what I wanted to do, but I was lacking the motivation and inspiration to get it done. It was really lovely to join the Raised to Nourish community, to be able to ask questions and share with other Mamas, and Jess, it felt so supportive. The videos are quick to watch, full of great information and reminders, which is also helpful when time is often limited."

Some of the deliciousness you'll be making inside Raised To Nourish:

Past clients have commented on how much their whole family has loved the meal ideas - partners included!

Kind words about Raised To Nourish from Steph Lowe

aka The Natural Nutritionist
"With simple principles of homegrown nutritional wisdom, you will experience great energy, incredible health and the confidence to feed yourself and your growing family. Learn how to supercharge everyone's meals with a focus on whole food, microbiome health and sustainability. Raised To Nourish is the program every family needs."
- Steph Lowe

Ready to bring more nourishment to the kitchen?

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What it's actually costing you to stay where you are

How often have you looked to make healthier changes at home and then thought: "Nah, that'll be waaaaayyyy too expensive"? 

It's easy to think that eating whole, real foods is more expensive. And upfront, that may appear to be the case. But from this program, what you'll learn is how to make these foods go the distance so you're not back making snacks again 2 minutes later - which is where the real cost lies. Snack Queen no more!

Or you may be thinking that "there is no way my kids would eat any foods, they are already so picky!"

This program gives you all my insider tips and proven tricks on how to avoid mealtime battles with your toddler with no bribing, forcing food or using one-liners like "one more mouthful before you finish."
NB: this program is not suitable for children with severe food aversions (such as Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) check the FAQ for more.

You may also be saying to yourself: "I don't have time to make all these changes, let alone make foods from scratch."

Chances are, you're currently spending more time thinking about what foods to make rather than actually making the foods. That's the key difference here - I've done all the thinking for you so you don't have to.

Two ways to play:

 You could keep trying to figure it out on your own, or you could save yourself the years it took me to master everything I've included in this program. Doors to enrolment close at 8pm NZT on the 9th of May and the program begins week one on the 13th of May. See you inside, mama.


$397 NZD

Program + Community

  • 8 weeks of easy-to-digest video conversations and tutorials¬†that you can watch or listen to while making dinner #hellomultitasking (valued at $1,200)
  • 70-page program guide packed full of nutrient-dense, family-friendly recipes and cooking tips to save you time (valued at $350)
  • Program community to ask all of those "Is this normal?" questions about your family's mealtimes and holistic health that you've wanted to ask¬†but have never¬†had the space to (valued at $500)
  • Lifetime access to the Raised To Nourish program content to refer back to¬†AND lifetime access to my library of masterclasses (valued at $300)
  • FOUR¬†bonus videos covering the most commonly asked questions I get from parents: Smart Supplementation, Starting Solids 101, Managing Eczema, Navigating Constipation Naturally¬†(valued at $250)¬†
  • Complimentary copies of my signature recipe books Nourished Eaters and Nourished Campers to fill your family's meal plan with wholefood inspo (valued at $30)
  • Voucher for the online Part and Parcel Store to¬†kickstart¬†your wholefoods pantry and stock up on deliciousness (valued at $20)
Total value: $2,650
Total investment: $397.00 NZD
(Payment options start at just $34 NZD)


$597 NZD

Program + Community + Inner Circle

  • Everything included in the Pantry Princess¬†option (Program + Community access) (valued at $2,650)

  • Access¬†to the Raised To Nourish Kitchen Queens¬†Whatsapp Group Chat that's like a nourishment party in your pocket. Messages filled with healthy habit reminders, motivational tips to keep you on track, raw¬†+ real motherhood shares and nourishing food ideas¬†(8 week access) (valued at $850)
  • ¬†Access to¬†4 x Kitchen Queens Community Cooking Calls¬†hosted each fortnight from my kitchen to yours.¬†Think¬†of it like a party with likeminded mamas that you actually want to go to but you get to show up in your slippers! A safe space where you can show up as you are, connect with other mothers who are on the same journey as you and ask any questions you have (60 mins duration) (valued at $1,000)
Total value: $4500
Total investment: $597.00 NZD
(Payment options start at just $51 NZD)

30 day money back guarantee

I know how daunting it can feel trying new things, especially if you feel hesitation about your whole family actually getting on board with making these changes in your home. I am so confident that this program works to bring nourishment to your family and will work for the longterm that I want to offer you ALL of your money back if you're not satisfied.

Simply email [email protected]¬†and I will refund you your money in full if you don't get any positive results. (T&C's apply, click here to read).

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Excited words from mothers who have joined:

"Just signed up! Can't wait to learn all the nutritious tricks."

"Done! Can't wait."

"That sounds SO GOOD. You got me on board."

"A few times I've thought, I would love just to know what Jess cooks for herself and her family. And now I'm getting that insight."

Let's stop leaving your family's nourishment to chance

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